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NAME Institution Model Experimental Data Set Monitoring Data Set
Albaladejo, J CEBAS-CSIC (Spain)    
Albrecht, A ORSTOM/LCSC (France)    
Andrieux, P ORSTOM/LCSC (France)    
Baboule, Z.B IRA, Foumbot (Cameroon)    
Boardman, J University of Oxford (UK)    
Busoni, E Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche, Firenze (Italy)    
Castillo, V.M CEBAS-CSIC (Spain)    
De Noni, G ORSTOM/LCSC, Montpellier (France)   (with Andrieux)  
De Roo, A.P.J JRC, Ispra (Italy) LISEM  
Evans, R Anglia Polytechnic University (UK)    
Favis-Mortlock, D* Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)      
Funk, R Institut für Bodenlandschaftsforschng, Müncheberg (Germany)    
Gallart, F Institut de Cičncies de la Terra, Barcelona (Spain)
Golosov, V.N Moscow State University (Russia)    
Govers, G K.U. Leuven (Belgium)  
Imeson, A.C University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)    
Ionita, I Central Research Station for Soil Erosion (Romania)    
Jankauskas, B Kaltinenai Research Station (Lithuania)    
Kertész, Á Geographical Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary)    
Kinnell, P.I.A Australian National University (Australia) AGNPS-UM    
Kirkby, M University of Leeds (UK) MEDRUSH
Kosmas, C University of Athens (Greece)  
Le Bissonnais, Y INRA, Orleans (France)    
Lorentz, S.A University of Natal (South Africa) ACRU
Morgan, R.P.C Silsoe College, Cranfield University (UK) EUROSEM    
Moyo, A Makoholi Research Station (Zimbabwe)    
Nearing, M USDA-ARS, Tucson, Arizona (USA) WEPP    
Parsons, A.J University of Leicester (UK)    
Poesen, J K.U. Leuven (Belgium)  
Quinton, J University of Lancaster (UK)    
Sajjapongse, A IBSRAM (Thailand)    
Sidorchuk, A Moscow State University (Russia) AUSGUL
Skidmore, E.L* USDA-ARS, Kansas State University (USA)      
Torri, D Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche Firenze (Italy)    
Valentin, C* IRD-IWMI-NAFRI (Laos)      
Vandaele, K K.U. Leuven (Belgium)    
Vanderwel, D.S Alberta Agriculture (Canada)    
Wilcox, B Texas A&M University (USA)    
Williams, J USDA-ARS, Temple, Texas (USA) APEX
Xuezheng, S Institute of Soil Science (China)    
Zander, C University of California at Irvine (USA) DEAD    
Zobeck, T.M USDA-ARS, Lubbock, Texas (USA) RWEQ    
TOTAL: 42 14 19 18

* Invited Specialists

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