The Impacts of Soil Erosion

"The threat of nuclear weapons and man's ability to destroy the environment are really alarming. And yet there are other almost imperceptible changes - I am thinking of the exhaustion of our natural resources, and especially of soil erosion - and these are perhaps more dangerous still, because once we begin to feel their repercussions it will be too late."

p144 of The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace: 2002, Element Books, London)

Soil erosion can adversely affect both the place where it occurs — the so-called 'on-site' impacts — and areas which are down-stream or down-wind. These are the 'off-site' impacts of erosion.

Which is more important? The answer depends on the type of erosion, where it occurs, and on many other factors.

Dr David Favis-Mortlock, April 2017