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If you have published any relevant papers and have details that you would like to add to this page, please send them to the SEN webteam.

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Special issues:

Catena volume 37(3/4), 1999. The GCTE evaluation of catchment-scale erosion models. Edited by Ad de Roo and Victor Jetten

Catena Volume 50, 2003. Gully Erosion and global change. Edited by J. Poesen and C. Valentin

  • Gully erosion and environmental change: importance and research needs. J. Poesen, J. Nachtergaele, G. Verstraeten and C. Valentin
  • Quantifying historical gully erosion in northern Bavaria. M. Dotterweich, A. Schmitt, G. Schmidtchen and H.-R. Bork
  • Land use change and gully formation over the last 200 years in a hilly catchment. G.Y. Gabris, A. Kertesz and L. Zambo
  • Development of badlands and gullies in the Sneeuberg, Great Karoo, South Africa. J. Boardman, A.J. Parsons, R. Holland, P.J. Holmes and R. Washington
  • Soil degradation and overland flow as causes of gully erosion on mountain pastures and in forests. H. Strunk
  • Ephemeral gully erosion in northwestern Spain. M. Valcarcel, Ma.T. Taboada, A. Paz and J. Dafonte
  • Rill and gully development during an extreme winter runoff event in Norway. L. Øygarden
  • Changes to the dispersive characteristics of soils along an evolutionary slope sequence in the Vera badlands, southeast Spain: implications for site stabilisation. H. Faulkner, R. Alexander and B.R. Wilson
  • A multi-scale approach of runoff generation in a Sahelian gully catchment: a case study in Niger. M. Esteves and J.M. Lapetite
  • Assessment of gully erosion in eastern Ethiopia using photogrammetric techniques. S. Daba, W. Rieger and P. Strauss
  • A spatial information technology approach for the mapping and quantification of gully erosion. J.A. Martýnez-Casasnovas
  • Monitoring of gully erosion in the Central Ebro Basin by large-scale aerial photography taken from a remotely controlled blimp. J.B. Ries and I. Marzolff
  • Medium-term gully headcut retreat rates in Southeast Spain determined from aerial photographs and ground measurement. L. Vandekerckhove, J. Poesen and G. Govers
  • Geomorphological investigation on gully erosion in the Rift Valley and the northern highlands of Ethiopia. P. Billi and F. Dramis
  • Hydraulic efficiency of the discontinuous gullies. I. Ionita
  • The topographic thresholds of hillslope incisions in southwestern Rwanda. J. Moeyersons
  • Threshold conditions for initiation of valley-side gullies in the Middle Veld of Swaziland. P.C. Morgan and D. Mngomezulu
  • Observed and modelled distributions of channel and gully heads — with examples from SE Spain and Belgium. M.J. Kirkby, L.J. Bull, J. Poesen, J. Nachtergaele and L. Vandekerckhove
  • A process-based model for channel degradation: application to ephemeral gully erosion. J. Casalý, J.J. Lopez and J.V. Giraldez
  • Equation for high-rate gully erosion. D. Torri and L. Borselli
  • Energy formulations of head cut dynamics. S.N. Prasad and M.J.M. Romkens
  • Modelling ephemeral gully erosion in small cultivated catchments. V. Souchere, O. Cerdan, B. Ludwig, Y. Le Bissonnais, A. Couturier and F. Papy
  • Gully erosion modelling and landscape response in the Mbuluzi River catchment of Swaziland. A. Sidorchuk, M. Marker, S. Moretti and G. Rodolfi
  • Erosion quantification in the small marly experimental catchments of Draix (Alpes de Haute Provence, France). Calibration of the ETC rainfall–runoff–erosion model. N. Mathys, S. Brochot, M. Meunier and D. Richard  
  • Influence of vegetation distribution on sediment yield in forested marly gullies. F. Rey

Environmental Science & Policy, vol. 6(1).

  • Socio-economic factors in soil erosion and conservation. John Boardman, Jean Poesen and Robert Evans
  • Grassland and crop trends: role of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy and consequences for runoff and soil erosion. Véronique Souchère, Christine King, Nicolas Dubreuil, Véronique Lecomte-Morel, Yves Le Bissonnais and Martine Chalat
  • Soil erosion in the Swartland, Western Cape Province, South Africa: implications of past and present policy and practice. Michael E. Meadows
  • How farmers view their job in Pays de Caux, France: Consequences for grassland in water erosion. Anne Mathieu and Alexandre Joannon
  • Soil erosion in Denmark: processes and politics. A. Veihe, B. Hasholt and I. G. Schiøtz
  • Modelling on-farm costs of soil conservation policies with MODAM. Johannes Schuler and Harald Kächele
  • Agricultural policies in Norway and effects on soil erosion. Helge E. Lundekvam, Eirik Romstad and Lillian Øygarden
  • Muddy floods on the South Downs, southern England: problem and responses. John Boardman, Robert Evans and James Ford
  • Farmer perception of runoff and erosion and extent of flooding in the silt-loam belt of the Belgian Walloon Region. C. L. Bielders, C. Ramelot and E. Persoons
  • Integrating science, policy and farmers to reduce soil loss and sediment delivery in Flanders, Belgium. Gert Verstraeten, Jean Poesen, Gerard Govers, Katleen Gillijns, Anton Van Rompaey and Kristof Van Oost
  • Soil erosion and land use policy in Iceland in relation to sheep grazing and government subsidies. O. Arnalds and B. H. Barkarson
  • Erosion risk associated with rapid and extensive agricultural clearances on dispersive materials in southeast Spain. Hazel Faulkner, Jose Ruiz, Paul Zukowskyj and Stuart Downward

Catena special issue. Gully erosion: a global issue. Valentin, C., Yong Li and J. Poesen, editors. Including papers presented during the 2nd International Symposium on Gully Erosion Under Global Change, May 22-25, 2002, Chengdu, China.

  • in preparation

Geomorphology special issue. Including papers presented during the workshop Land use and Climate change, 14-21 December 2002, Quito, Ecuador. See

  • in preparation


Initial evaluations of wind erosion models. ICAR5/GCTE-SEN, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas, 22-25 July 2002. See


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