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Catalonia, Spain, 1989-92, Clayey and Calcareous Bedrock, Water Erosion

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1 Contact person
1.1 Name Francesc Gallart Gallego
1.2 Address Institut de Ciències de la Terra 
"Jaume Almera". 
c/Lluís Solè i Sabarìs s/n.
Barcelona 08025 Spain
1.3 Tel +34 93 409 54 10
1.4 Fax +34 93 4110012
1.5 Email
1.6 Other researchers involved: Dra.Pilar Llorens, Dr. David Regüés, Jérôme Latron
2 Survey Details
2.1 Dates of erosion monitoring survey: 1989-92 (a) 1994-1998 (b)
2.1 Water/wind erosion? water
2.3 Area monitored:

(a) Cal Parisa (0,16 km2).
b)Cal Rodo (4,17 km2), Ca L’Isard (1,32 km2), Can Vila (0,56 km2) and Sta.Magdalena (0,52 km2). High waters of Llobregat river,
Catalonia (NE Spain).

2.4 Character of area: Heterogeneous: abandoned farmlands, forest, pasture, badlands, terraced fields. Clayey and calcareous bedrock. Climate middle mountain Mediterranean
2.5 Frequency of monitoring: Varied, depending on rainfall distribution, low discharge:
1 hour, high discharge: 2 minutes.
2.6 What fraction of fields in the monitored area were included in the survey? The total area
2.7 How were estimates of erosion made? suspended sediment by infrared and ultrasonic sensors; also with the ISCO automatic samplers.
2.8 Were air photographs used? Available for 1957, 1965 and later
2.9 For each erosion site, information recorded:

Contributing area. 
Litology, physical and chemical characteristics. 
Thermical and hydrical regolith regimes. Vegetation kinds and cover %.




2.10 Data obtained from elsewhere: None
2.11 Data calculated from above information: Discharge (m3/sec)
Erosion (Tm/ha)
Runoff coefficient.
2.12 Meterological station density and type: 2 weather stations
2.13 Length of record of meterological data: since 1989 5 minute data recorded
3. Associated Work
3.1 Associated experimental or plot-based work: see ‘experimental’ form
3.2 Associated modelling work:
4. Documentation
4.1 Published reports of the monitoring survey and/or results:
Llorens, P.; Queralt, I.; Plana, F. and Gallart, F. (1997). Studying sediment transfer in a small Mediterranean mountainous basin subject to land abandonment. ‘Earth Surface Processes and Landforms’, 1027-1035.

Gallart F.; Latron J. and Regüés D. (1998) Hydrologycal and erosion processes in the research catchments of Vallcebre (Pyrenees). Modeling erosion by wather. ‘ANSI/NATO series’, 1-55, Berlín, 503-511.

Gallart F.; Regüés D.; Latron J. and Soler M. (submited) Seasonal control on the hydrological and erosional behaviour of badlands in a Mediterranean mountainous catchment. ‘Catena’.

4.2 Other relevant publications:
5. Availability
5.1 Erosion/land use data: On request subject to GCTE
5.2 Meterological data: On request subject to GCTE
6. Other Information
6.1 Is the monitoring survey ongoing? YES
6.2 Funding agency for the survey: CICYT, DGCONA, CE.
6.3 Any other details:

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