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Various Sites in England and Wales, UK, 1982-87, Arable Landscape, Various Soils, Water Erosion

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1 Contact person
1.1 Name Dr Robert Evans
1.2 Address Division of Geography, Anglia Polytechnic University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, UK
1.3 Tel +44 1223 632271
1.4 Fax +44 1223 352973
1.5 Email
1.6 Other researchers involved: Ex and present day employees of the Soil Survey of England and Wales. (Now Soil Survey and Land Research Centre)
2 Survey Details
2.1 Dates of erosion monitoring survey: Full scheme 1982-1986. Part scheme 1987
2.1 Water/wind erosion? Water
2.3 Area monitored: 700 km2 in 17 localities. (16 in England, 1 in Wales)
2.4 Character of area: Great variety - sampled major arable landscapes (soils, relief, land use etc.) of England and Wales
2.5 Frequency of monitoring: Twice - date air photos taken (in Spring or early Summer). Date field checking (late Summer, Autumn)
2.6 What fraction of fields in the monitored area were included in the survey? All
2.7 How were estimates of erosion made? Volumetrically - by estimating/measuring depth, width and length rills and gullies, depth and area deposits
2.8 Were air photographs used? Yes
2.9 For each erosion site, information recorded: Crop type direction of working from maps - areas affected by erosion. (+field work) - area catchment(s) within field Area field
- Soil type
- Steepest slope angle
- Relief and Morphology


2.10 Data obtained from elsewhere: See 2.9
2.11 Data calculated from above information: Soil type and erosion; crop type and erosion; relief and erosion; slope angle and erosion. Combinations of these (for 1982-1984 data); sediment delivery ratio
2.12 Meterological station density and type: Daily rainfall, 1-3 (occurs locally more). Stations per monitored locality
2.13 Length of record of meterological data: 1982-1986
3. Associated Work
3.1 Associated experimental or plot-based work: None
3.2 Associated modelling work: None yet - not had time to assemble all data and put together in a model
4. Documentation
4.1 Published reports of the monitoring survey and/or results:
Evans, R. and Skinner, R.J. (1987). A survey of water erosion. Soil and Water 13, 28-31.

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4.2 Other relevant publications:
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5. Availability
5.1 Erosion/land use data: Pro forma sheets. Disk for 1982-1984 data
5.2 Meterological data: Hard copy (from Met Office)
6. Other Information
6.1 Is the monitoring survey ongoing? No
6.2 Funding agency for the survey: Ministry of Agriculture
6.3 Any other details: Slope, relief, catchment data still to be obtained and analysed for 1985 and 1986. Would like to model data; crop cover and time of erosion are missing variables, but could be estimated.

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