Annex III Applying to join the GCTE Erosion Network

Interested scientists who wish to join a GCTE Network should apply to the relevant GCTE  Working Group through the GCTE Focus 3 Office. An application consists of (i) completed metadata forms (available from the Office) for model and/or experimental and/or monitoring dataset(s), and (ii) a signed application form, agreeing to abide by the terms as laid out in the GCTE Data and Model Sharing Policy (see Annex IV). Application resources can also be downloaded.

If accepted by the GCTE Network Working Group as being of both high scientific value and strictly pertinent to Network objectives, the Focus 3 Office forwards the application to the GCTE Scientific Steering Committee for ratification as a formal component of the GCTE   Network, the Network itself already being an official contribution to the GCTE Core Research Programme.

Criteria for acceptance of research into the Network

A general principle is that the submitted work must address the Task's stated objectives and be both pertinent and of sufficient scientific quality. Experiments from temperate regions must be multi-spatial and/or multi-temporal scale; and from topical regions (where the availability of suitable data is generally scarce) they must be scientifically acceptable, and preferably multi-scale. Models must have been validated, and therefore must be encoded. Monitoring studies must be over 2 years, and multi-scale studies are preferred.