Soil Erosion Network: Monitoring Metadata
Fort Reno, Oklahoma, 1977-94, Formerly Native Grassland, Sub-Humid, Water Erosion

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1 Contact person
1.1 Name Dr Arlin D. Nicks
1.2 Address USDA-ARS-SPA-NAWQL, PO Box 1430, Durant, OK 74702, USA
1.3 Tel
1.4 Fax
1.5 Email
1.6 Other researchers involved: R.D. Williams, J. Daniel
2 Survey Details
2.1 Dates of erosion monitoring survey: 1977-94
2.1 Water/wind erosion? Water
2.3 Area monitored: Fort Reno, Central Oklahoma, 1,6 ha winter wheat
2.4 Character of area: Formerly native grasslands; sub-humid climate
2.5 Frequency of monitoring: Continuous precipitation, runoff, soil and nutrient loss
2.6 What fraction of fields in the monitored area were included in the survey? All of catchment
2.7 How were estimates of erosion made? Sediment concentration from pumping sampler
2.8 Were air photographs used? No
2.9 For each erosion site, information recorded: Incremental precipitation, runoff, sediment concentration, nitrogen and phosphorus concentration, tillage dates, methods, chemical application rates and dates, soil samples


2.10 Data obtained from elsewhere: Long term climate records (precip and temp) from NWS station for weather generator
2.11 Data calculated from above information: Runoff volume and sediment and chemical yields
2.12 Meterological station density and type: Weighing recording rain gauge on the catchment
2.13 Length of record of meterological data: 1977-94
3. Associated Work
3.1 Associated experimental or plot-based work: other similar plots in the area, range and grain sorghum
3.2 Associated modelling work: CREAMS/GLEAMS (Williams and Nicks), WEPP (Nicks and Williams)
4. Documentation
4.1 Published reports of the monitoring survey and/or results:
Williams, R.D. and Nicks, A.D. Using CREAMS to evaluate filter strip effectiveness in erosion control. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 43(1) pp. 108-112. 1988.
4.2 Other relevant publications:
Nicks, A.D. Modelling hydrologic impacts of global change using stochastically generated climate change scenarios In: Eckstien, Y. and Zaporozec, A. (ed.) Proceedings 2nd US/CIS Joint Conference on Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology; Global and Regional issues in Environmental Hydrology. Water Environment Federation, Alexandria, VA. pp. 25-38. 1993
5. Availability
5.1 Erosion/land use data: On request subject to GCTE policy
5.2 Meterological data: On request
6. Other Information
6.1 Is the monitoring survey ongoing? Yes
6.2 Funding agency for the survey: USDA-ARS
6.3 Any other details:

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