1 Contact person
1.1 Name Professor Jean Poesen
1.2 Address Laboratory for Experimental Geomorfologie, K.U. Leuven, Redingenstraat 16 Bis, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium
1.3 Tel +32 16 226920
1.4 Fax +32 16 293307
1.5 Email jean.posen@geo.kuleuven.ac.be
1.6 Other researchers involved: Karel Vandaele
2 Survey Details
2.1 Dates of erosion monitoring survey: 1982-1994
2.1 Water/wind erosion? Water (ephemeral gullies, bank gullies)
2.3 Area monitored: Central Belgium (Loess loam belt)
Area between (Leuven and Brussels)
2.4 Character of area: Extensively cropped [loam, sandy loam soils
2.5 Frequency of monitoring: Monthly
2.6 What fraction of fields in the monitored area were included in the survey?
2.7 How were estimates of erosion made? Volumetric measurements
2.8 Were air photographs used? Yes
2.9 For each erosion site, information recorded: Gully catchments, slopes, soil horizons, land use


2.10 Data obtained from elsewhere:
2.11 Data calculated from above information:
2.12 Meterological station density and type:
2.13 Length of record of meterological data:
3. Associated Work
3.1 Associated experimental or plot-based work: Laboratory experiments on hydraulic erosion
3.2 Associated modelling work:
4. Documentation
4.1 Published reports of the monitoring survey and/or results:
Poesen, J. 1988. A review of the studies on the mechanisms of incipient rilling and gullying in the Belgian Loam Region. In Ijioma, C.I. Ananaba, S. & Boers, T. (eds.). Proceedings of the International Symposium on Erosion in S.E. Nigeria. Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria 1:13-20.

Poesen, J. 1989. Conditions for gully formation in the Belgian Loam Belt and some ways to control them. Soil Technology Series 1:39-52.

Poesen, J. & Govers, G. 1990. Gully erosion in the loam belt of Belgium : typology and control measures. In Boardman, J., Foster, D.L. & Dearing, J.A. (eds.). Soil Erosion on Agricultural Land. J. Wiley, Chichester, U.K.:513-530.

Govers, G., Everaert, W., Poesen, J. Rauws, G., De Ploey, J. and Lautridou, J.P. 1990. A long flume study of the dynamic factors affecting the resistance of a loamy soil to concentrated flow erosion. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 15:313-328.

Poesen, J. 1992. Gully erosion in the loess belt of North Western Europe : typology and control measures. In Luk, S.H. (ed.). Geographical Information System for Soil Erosion Management Proceedings International Conference, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China, 163-174.

Poesen, J. 1993. Gully typology and gully control measures in the European loess belt. In Wicherek, S. (ed.) Farm Land Erosion in Temperate Plains Environment and Hills. Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam: 221-239.

Vandaele, K. & Poesen, J. in press. Spatial and temporal patterns of soil erosion rates in an agricultural catchment, central Belgium. Catena.

4.2 Other relevant publications:
5. Availability
5.1 Erosion/land use data: Yes
5.2 Meterological data: National Fund for Scientific Research
6. Other Information
6.1 Is the monitoring survey ongoing?
6.2 Funding agency for the survey:
6.3 Any other details: