Soil Erosion Network: Monitoring Metadata
Harpenden, Herts, UK, 1988-, Loamy Sand, Arable, Water Erosion

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1 Contact person
1.1 Name Dr. John N Quinton
1.2 Address Depart. of Water Management, Silsoe College, Cranfield University, Silsoe, Bedford, MK45 4DT, UK
1.3 Tel +44 1525 863000
1.4 Fax +44 1525 863001
1.5 Email
1.6 Other researchers involved: Professor J A Catt, Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Herts, UK
2 Survey Details
2.1 Dates of erosion monitoring survey: October 1988 - Present
2.1 Water/wind erosion? Water
2.3 Area monitored: 8 x O.1ha erosion plots
2.4 Character of area: Loamy sand soil, c 11% slopes in arable agriculture
2.5 Frequency of monitoring: 3 plots with automatic sampling (1 minute resolution). 5 plots assessed after each storm
2.6 What fraction of fields in the monitored area were included in the survey? -
2.7 How were estimates of erosion made? Collection of all material
2.8 Were air photographs used? No
2.9 For each erosion site, information recorded: Soil loss- Runoff- Hydrographs and sedigraphs on 3 plots. Particle size distribution of sediment. Full chemical analysis on runoff and sediment. Crop cover, height, stem density. Soil cohesion, roughness, particle size distribution. Rill density and geometry. Full meteorological station 500m from site


2.10 Data obtained from elsewhere: Chemical data supplied by Rothamsted
2.11 Data calculated from above information: -
2.12 Meterological station density and type: Full station 500m from site
2.13 Length of record of meterological data: In excess of 100 years
3. Associated Work
3.1 Associated experimental or plot-based work: None
3.2 Associated modelling work: EUROSEM
4. Documentation
4.1 Published reports of the monitoring survey and/or results:
Catt, J.A., Quinton, J.N. and Styles, P.D.R. 1994. Nutrient losses and crop yields in the Woburn Erosion Reference Experiment. In: Conserving soil resources: European perspectives. (ed. R.J. Rickson), CAB International, Wallingford.
4.2 Other relevant publications:
Vivian, B. and Quinton, J.N. 1994. Automated water sampling in ephemeral hydrological systems. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 18: 863-868.

Quinton, J.N. and Rickson, R.J. 1993. The role of soil erosion in the movement of contaminants. p. 141-156 In: Soil Monitoring: early detection and surveying of soil contamination and degradation (eds. R. Schulin, A. Desaules, r. Webster and B. von Steiger), Birkhauser Veriag, Basel.

5. Availability
5.1 Erosion/land use data: On request
5.2 Meterological data: Enquiries to Rothamsted Experimental Station
6. Other Information
6.1 Is the monitoring survey ongoing? Yes
6.2 Funding agency for the survey: European Union
6.3 Any other details:

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