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Gully Erosion, Leuven, Belgium and Almeria, Spain

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1.1 Name Professor Jean Poesen
1.2 Address Laboratory for Experimental Geomorphology, K.U Leuven, Redingenstraat 16 Bis 3000, Leuven, Belgium.
1.3 Tel +32 1622 6920
1.4 Fax +32 1629 3307
1.5 E-mail
1.6 List other researchers involved:
2.1  mm2 - cm2: Dynamics of soil aggregation
2.2  m2: soil surface dynamics: physical degradation (surface sealing, crusting) and its impact on surface roughness, infiltration and runoff
Field plots. Small agricultural catchments.
Spatial scale considered: Catena scale.
6.1 events: yes
6.2 days yes
7.1 Climate: -
7.2 Topography: -
7.3 Soils: Effects of soil texture and rock fragment content.
8 FIELD EXPERIMENTS Description of the field site and of the type of experiments and equipment involved for each of the erosion processes being studied:
8.1 Erosion process: Gully erosion.
8.2 Location (town, state, country): Leuven, Belgium. Almeria, Spain.
8.3 Equipment involved:
8.4 Remarks: Volumetric measurements of soil loss by gullying.
9 LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS Description of the laboratory and the type of experiments and equipment involved for each of the erosion processes studied:
Laboratory for exp. geomorphology. Rainfall simulators. Interrill flumes. Hydraulic channels.
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