International Association of Geomorphologists


Geoarchaeology: Landscape Change over Archaeological Timescales in North-West Europe

This workshop will be the second in a series of three sponsored by the IAG Working Group on Geoarchaeology (Charman: Professor Dr Morgan De Dapper, University of Gent).

It will take place at the University of Reading, UK, on 15-17 December 1999. There will be an optional field visit to sites of geoarchaeological interest in 17 December. The University of Reading is easily reached by coach from Heathrow Airport (40 minutes).

The themes of the meeting will be:
Questions of scale: spatial scale and catchment studies; integration of on- and off-site studies; timescales and dating
Events, history and perception of landscape change: case studies will be especially welcome
Modelling change over archaeological timescales
Anthropogenic sediments: in-situ formation processes; anthropogenic soils; warping
Micromorphology: identifying a way forward
Conservation strategies for geoarchaeological sites
Consideration will also be given to topics proposed by participants

Workshop Organisers:
Dr Martin Bell, Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, UK
Dr John Boardman, Environmental Change Unit, University of Oxford, UK

For further information contact:

Dr Martin Bell
Department of Archaeology
University of Reading
Whiteknights, PO Box 218
Reading RG6 6AA


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