Technical Annex Part II: Additional Information

A. History of the proposal

The proposed Action is building on the success and accumulated expertise of COST 623 "Soil Erosion and Global Change". The focus of COST 623 has been on three aspects of soil erosion addressed in three WGs: scale issues, thresholds and datasets. The Action has coordinated research in 19 signatory countries through a series of 14 workshops/conferences, established an active website (, disseminated information in refereed journal and is planning a volume "Soil Erosion in Europe' to accompany the final Conference in Budapest in 2003.

As Off-site impacts of erosion include eutrophication of watercourses and lakes, the proposed Action will also relate to COST Action 832 "Quantifying the Agricultural Contribution to Eutrophication" with emphasis on phosphorous which is ending also in 2003. This COST Action has co-ordinated research into the sources, mobilization, delivery and impacts of phosphorus on different water bodies at the field and catchment scale, focusing on developing common conceptual thinking and methodologies for identifying the agriculture's role in eutrophication problems across 18 countries over the last 5 years.

The proposal is based on the expertise of the two groups. Despite the increasing number of concerned people, it is relevant for the environmental issue, as it was suggested by the TCE after the submission of the 1 page summary of the proposed Action in 2002.

B. List of potential participants

Experts who have been consulted during the drafting of the proposal and have already expressed interest in the Action


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