The meeting takes place at the “Maison de l'Université” in the University of Rouen.
The “Maison de l'Université” is the building 35 on the campus map.


Mailing address :
Maison de l'Université,
Université de Rouen
Place Emile Blondel,
76821 Mont Saint Aignan, France


How to reach the conference?

To go to Rouen, you have to reach the Saint-Lazare station in Paris and take the train (it takes between 45 min. and 1 hour by public transportation). There are plenty of trains that stops at Rouen from Paris No reservation is needed. For the schedule: SNCF

Paris can be reached by train in a matter of hours from elsewhere in France and all major European cities. All 7 stations bring you right into the heart of the city. Centrally located, they offer smooth connections with the public transport network (metro, RER, bus).

To reach the Saint-Lazare station from airports:

From Charles de Gaulle airport.

Take the RER B, direction Paris, step down at Gare du Nord station; take the RER E, direction Hausmann Saint-Lazare and step down at this station. The train station is at a hundred meters distance. You can also take the shuttle Roissybus to Opera and walk a few minutes to gare Saint-Lazare.


From Orly airport.

Take Orlyval, and then RER B direction Paris; step down at Chatelet les Halles and take the metro (line 4) to Saint-Lazare station. You can also take the Air France shuttle up to the Invalides and take the metro (line 13) to gare Saint-Lazare.

For the Roissybus, you need a special rate ticket which is on sale on buses, at bus termini and in the airports.


To get to Orlyval, you need a special ticket to travel from Paris to Antony on the whole of the metro and RER network. This special Orlyval ticket is sold separately in metro and RER stations, on the SNCF Ile de France network and at RATP-Orlyval salesdesks at the Orlyval airport.

Bus, Subway or RER Tickets in Paris: The tickets can be bought in the subway and
RER stations or to the driver of the bus only. For any additional information, see the
website of Paris airports and the one of the public transportation of Paris RATP.

Arrival at Rouen: To reach the Maison de l'Université from the Rouen station
(a twenty four-minute journey):

Go to the subway station: Gare-Rue Verte
3 min.

Take the Subway, Direction: Georges Braque or Technopôle

Departure: Gare-Rue Verte
Arrival: Théâtre des Arts

3 min.
Go until the stop: Théâtre des Arts of line T1 TEOR
3 min.
Take the line T1 TEOR, Direction: Mont aux Malades

Departure: Théâtre des Arts
Arrival: Campus
15 min.

Bus, Subway or TEOR Tickets in Rouen: The tickets can be bought in the station or to the driver of the bus only. For additional information on the public transportation in Rouen: TCAR
Only title sold by the driver aboard bus. Think of envisaging the supplement of currency to facilitate your purchase.
To use alone or with several. The multivalidation of this chart is possible: it is enough to validate it as many once as you are travellers.



Transport system: Rouen, Paris subway, Paris RER, Paris
Maps of the city of Rouen: General map and streets index or center of town.



Rooms in the following hotels are pre-booked for the nights of the 4 - 5 - 6 and 7 June 2005.
We pre-booked the rooms with two beds for two persons.
When booking, mention that your are participant to the COST meeting organised by INRA.

Hotel Celine ** advance booking: until April 30th
26 rue de Campulley, 76 000 Rouen
tel : 33-2-35-71-95-23 / tel : 33-2-35-89-53-71
9 rooms with one large bed: 39€/room
4 rooms with one large bed and one small bed: 44€/room
Breakfast: 6.5€
Hotel le Foch **advance booking: until April 30th
6 rue saint Etienne des Tonneliers
76 000 Rouen
tel : 33-2-35-88-11-44
6 rooms with one large bed : 45€/room
Breakfast: 5.5€
Hotel Le Morand **advance booking: until May 15th
1, rue Morand, 76000 Rouen
tel: 33-2-35-71-46-07 / fax: 33-2-35-89-31-52
5 rooms with one large bed: 40€/room included breakfast
5 rooms with one large bed and one small bed: 46€/room included breakfast
Hotel de Paris **advance booking: until May 5th
12-14 rue de la champsmeslé, 76 000 Rouen
tel : 33-2-35-70-09-26 / fax : 33-2-35-88-44-72
5 rooms with one large bed: 54.4€/room included breakfast
7 rooms with two small beds: 56.40€/rooms included breakfast
Alive Hotel du Quebec **advance booking: until May 2sd
corner of rue des Augustins and rue de Quebec,
76000 Rouen
tel: 33-2-35-70-09-38 / fax: 33-2-35-15-80-15
5 single rooms: 46.40€/rooms included breakfast
15 double rooms with two small beds: 57.80€/rooms included breakfast

For a complete list of the hotels in Rouen, one can consult the Office du Tourisme de Rouen,
section “Accommodation”.