Draft Program:

Saturday, 4th June:
Arrival and registration,
(uncertain timetable)
Ice-breaker reception at the Rouen city council
  Address: Hôtel de Ville
Pl. du Général-De-Gaulle
76037 Rouen cedex 1
Sunday, 5th June:
8h00-8h30 Registration
8h30-9h00 Welcome - Coffee break
9h00-9h30 Opening of the conference:
A.V. Auzet
President of the Upper Normandy region
Plenary session organised by:
WG2 on Soil conservation strategies crossing farm and catchment scales : perception, management and policy
9h30-10h00 P. Fry (WG2 Keynote speaker) “Differing views of scientists and farmers: Explaining implementation problems and sketching the potential of knowledge exchange”
10h00-10h20 L. Serlet et al. “Convincing farmers to control erosion : results of the interregional MESAM project”
10h20-10h40 J. Ingram “Farmers' understanding of best management practice for soil: a study from England with reference to the Landcare Project”
10h40-11h00 K. Gillijns et al. “Successful adoption of conservation agriculture in Flanders, Belgium”
11h00-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-11h50 A. Joannon et al. “Modification of crop location at farm level: Assessment of farmer's leeway”
11h50-12h10 A. Mathieu et al. “Combining social network and technical leeway in farms analysis to reduce runoff at catchment's scale by managing crop localisation”
12h10-12h30 A. Klik et al. “Agricultural decision support system to minimize ecological and economical damages caused by soil and nutrient translocation”
12h30-12h50 P. Martin et al. “Towards a modification of the cultivation methods allowing runoff reductions: bases of a data-processing decision support tool for dialogue with farmers”
12h50-14h30 Lunch
14h30-15h00 D. J. Mulla (WG2 Keynote speaker) “A US Perspective on TMDLs and Effectiveness of BMPs for Control of Soil Loss”
15h00-15h20 J. Styk “Soil erosion and its control measures implementation in Slovakia”
15h20-15h40 A. Leys et al. “Factors controlling the variation in runoff and soil erosion under different tillage systems: a study in the Belgian Loess Belt”
15h40-16h00 K. Bádonyi et al. “Ecological and economical assessment of different tillage systems on a Hungarian study site”
16h00-16h20 Coffee break
16h20-17h20 Poster Session
(1 min oral presentation)
17h20-17h45 General Discussion
18h00-19h00 Steering committee meeting
Monday, 6th June, am: Two parallel plenary sessions
8h30-9h00 Welcome - Coffee break
First parallel plenary session organised by:

WG1 on Implication of a new european soil strategy for erosion and conservation policy

9h00-9h30 T. Kuhlman (WG1 Keynote speaker) “Estimating the costs and benefits of soil conservation”
9h30-9h50 O. Cerdan et al. “Empirical Economic Impacts Assessment of Soil Degradation by erosion: a first attempt at the European scale”
9h50-10h10 J. Schuler et al. “Transaction Costs of Implementation Options in Soil Conservation Policies”
10h10-10h30 S. Spaeter et al. “Some Economic Insights in the Mudd Flood Risk Management”
10h30-10h50 I. Marton et al. “Erosion and implementation of " good agricultural practice " in Hungary”
10h50-11h20 Coffee break
11h20-11h40 C. Mathieu “The policy of the AESN within the framework of the new CAP and the Framework Directive in the field of water policy”
11h40-12h00 J.L Rubio “Policy options to Combat European Desertification in the Context of the EU Soil Thematic Strategy”
12h00-12h20 H. E. Lundekvam “Erosion research and policies in Norway to obtain improved water quality
12h20-12h40 A. Kessler “Fundamentals of an Effective Soil Conservation Strategy”
12h40-13h00 General Discussion
13h00-14h30 Lunch
Second parallel plenary session organised by:

WG3 on Off-site impacts of sediments or pollutants in small or medium catchments (up to 100 km²)

9h00-9h30 J. C. Bathurst (WG3 Keynote speaker) “Modelling off-site soil erosion impacts”
9h30-9h50 R. Hessel et al. “Evaluation of the LISEM soil erosion model in two catchments in the East African Highlands”
9h50-10h10 T. Dostal et al. “The effect of land-use scenarios on soil loss and sediment transport in different types of catchments”
10h10-10h30 T. Astaras “The present state of remote sensing and GIS methodology to monitoring and predicting areas susceptible to water surface erosion and landslides. Examples from Macedonia province (Northern Greece)”
10h30-10h50 S. Follain et al. “Effect of land use and management on soil redistribution and associated Soil Organic Carbon stocks in a complex agricultural landscape”
10h50-11h20 Coffee break
11h20-11h40 O. Evrard et al. “Efficiency of mitigation measures against muddy floods in the Loam Belt : A case study in a village of Belgium”
11h40-12h00 M. Liegeois “Evaluation of vulnerability in agricultural land and farm in front of erosion as a natural hazard”
12h00-12h20 T. de Figueiredo et al. “Water erosion in afforested areas on the early stages of stand development: lessons from a research project in NE Portugal”
12h20-12h40 L. Øygarden et al. “Is it possible to implement large scale measures to improve water quality in agricultural catchments without restrictions ?”
12h40-13h00 General Discussion
13h00-14h30 Lunch
Monday, 6th June, pm:

Plenary session on Phosphorus issues:

14h30-15h00 J. N Quinton (P session Keynote speaker) “Erosion and overland flow as processes of P loss”
15h00-15h20 N. J. Kuhn et al. “Laboratory experiments on Phosphorus movement by interrill processes”
15h20-15h40 H. Tunney “Suspended solids and phosphorus in overland flow from six grassland field plots”
15h40-16h00 I. Sisák et al. “Analysis of erosion from a medium-sized and embedded small catchment by using SWAT model”
16h00-16h20 Coffee break
16h20-16h40 B. Kronvang et al. “Spatial and temporal variations in P-losses from European river basins: meeting the future challenges with respect to WFD compliance”
16h40-17h00 General Discussion
17h00-18h00 Poster Session (WG1, WG2, WG3, P Session)
18h00-19h00 MC meeting
Tuesday, 7th June: Field trip
7h30-8H00 Meet at the Rouen station then Departure
8h00-9h00 Bus journey to Saint Valéry en Caux
9h00-11h15 First field stop: (Blosseville and Bourg Dun sites)
11h15-11h45 Return to Saint Valéry en Caux
11h45-14h15 Lunch at the Hôtel du Casino in Saint Valéry en Caux.
14h15-15h15 Bus journey to Fongueusemare near Etretat
15h15-16h15 Second field stop: (Fongueuseumare site)
16h15-16h30 Return to Etretat and its famous Cliffs
16h30-18h00 Round table to meet and talk to various local agents
18h00-19h00 Free time at the seaside
19h00-22h00 Closing reception including dinner at Etretat
22h00-23h30 Bus journey to Rouen
Wednesday, 8th June: Departure