Report of COST-623 (Soil Erosion and Global Change)

Working Group 1 (Scale Issues) meeting, Reading, 23-24 September 1999

The final programme of presentations was as follows.

1st Author/Session Time - Session Title
Forename Surname Country Title
Thursday 09.00-11.00 Overview Keynotes
Ian Young UK Soil structure-biota interactions
David Powlson UK Soil organic matter and erosion
Mike Kirkby UK Long and short term biological impacts on Soil Erosion
Thursday 11.30-13.00 Strong Interactions
Christian Valentin F Non-linear responses of soil erosion to land use change in Niger
Johnson Nkem Australia The Potential Of Soil Macrofauna Activities In Reducing Soil Degradation: The Case Of Mound-Building Activities Of Ants
Eric Cammeraat NL Scale dependent thresholds in hydrological and erosion response of a semi-arid catchment.
Wouter van Muysen B Tillage erosion affects the in-field spatial distribution of soil organic matter
Friday 09.00-10.30 Incorporating Biological Effects in Erosion Forecasts
Yves Le Bissonnais F How to take into account soil organic matter content in erosion modelling at different spatial scales.
Anton Imeson NL Biological indicators for identifying runoff and sediment source areas at different scales
Mike Fullen UK Crop Productivity And Soil Conservation Studies In Yunnan Province, China
John Quinton UK Effects of cultivation treatments and water erosion on organic matter in soils and sediments of the Woburn Erosion Reference Experiment
Friday 11.00-13.00 Soil Organic Matter and Erosion
Alain Albrecht F Soil organic matter-soil aggregation relationships as a tool for soil erosion assessment and soil carbon sequestration trends in tropical clayed soils.
Anneke de Rouwe F Soil organic matter and soil surface protection in Sahelian farming system
Mark Ashman UK Does aggregate size play any role in the stabilisation of soil organic matter and biological activity of soil microorganisms?
Enzo Sparvoli I The effects of the use of organic wastes on soil aggregation and structural stability
Friday 14.30-16.00 Meso- and Micro-fauna and Erosion
Eric Blanchart F The potential of soil macrofauna activities in reducing soil erosion : the case of endogeic earthworms
Joel Leonard F Impact of termites on runoff in the Sahelian zone
Katharina Helming D Effect of mesofauna activity on the rehabilitation of sealed soil surfaces
Eric Cammeraat NL The role of harvester ants on soil infiltration processes
Friday 16.30-18.00 Closing Discussion
Christian Valentin and Mike Kirkby

The number of people attending the sessions was 26-40 (average 31). There was a wide ranging discussion which will, it is hoped, lead to more collaboration between the areas of soil erosion, soil organic matter and soil biology. Provisional plans were made to hold a follow-up meeting to explore possible areas of active joint research, in approximately two years time. The Editor of the Journal Agricultural Ecosystems and Environment (Martin Carter) has been informally approached about publishing a special issue based on the presentations, and most presenters have indicated a willingness to take part in this publication. A provisional manuscript deadline has been set for March ’00, with probable publication in Jun-Aug ’01.

Mike Kirkby, 8 Oct ‘99

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