COST Management Committee Meeting Leicester 19 April 1999

These are not official minutes but notes from John Boardman (JB).

Spain was represented by Adolfo Calvo-Cases and Finland by Kirsti Granlund.

Discussion of planning arrangement for the Leicester meeting

Laszlo Szrendrodi (LS) said that he thought the theoretical 80 limit on attendees at Workshops was unlikely ever to be exceeded. He advised us not to invite people who are not very interested in the topic. Invited speakers are not counted in the 80 limit.

LS confirmed that WGs could hold meetings that did not include paper presentations.

LS encouraged the WGs to devlop separate identities no need for WGS and MC to need at same meetings.

It was agreed that in order to make organisation of meetings more efficient a Co-ordinator would be appointed for each meeting. Thus the procedure would be:

  1. advertise meeting
  2. programme would be discussed and agreed: Meeting Coordinator liasing with WG Chairs, Local Organiser and National Representatives
  3. WG Chairs send out invitations (with copies to National Representatives)

It was agreed that for the WG meeting in Reading the Coordinator would be Professor Mike Kirkby and that for the WG meeting in Leuven the Coordinator would be Professor Jean Poesen.

  1. The Reading meeting in September 1999 in association with GCTE was discussed. Details of the programme have now been circulated by professor Mike Kirkby to national representatives.
  2. Leuven meeting in April 2000. This will be a three day meeting co-ordinated by Professor Jean Poesen for WG2 and the MC.
  3. The possibility of a WG3 4-6 October in Sardinia was raised by Dr Kostas. He offered to explore possibilities.
  4. There was also an offer of a meeting in Norway (October 2000?) on snowmelt.
  5. The application for a Subsidy was discussed. It was agreed that JB would re-write the document removing references to the website and submit it to LS.
  6. JB tabled a proposal for application for a Short Term Scientific Mission grant. JB to write to LS requesting the funding. A sub-committee to assess applications was also agreed: Mike Kirkby, Jean Poesen, Dino Torri and JB. Proposals can be sent to JB for review immediately although approval of the grant will take three months. MC should agree recommendations from the sub-committee: this can be done by email (LS).
  7. The MC agreed to invite the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to join the COST Action.
  8. It was agreed that JB would contact National representatives requesting information about interested participants with their WG preference.


8 June 1999

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