COST 623 Management Committee Meeting

7 September 2000, Almeria, Spain


Present: Jean Poesen, Bent Hasholt, Anita Veihe, Mike Kirkby, Seppo Rekolainen, Katherina Helming, Jussi Baade, Jan Jacob Keizer, Lillian Oygarden, Trond Borresen, Jerzy Rejman, Edoud Klaghofer, Adam Kertesz, Tamas Huszar, John Boardman (Chair) and Laszlo Szendrodi

Apologies: Dr Dino Torri

1. Welcome to participants

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Adoption of minutes of MC meeting Leuven 16 and 18 April 2000

4. COST Secretariat News

Laszlo Szendrodi reported:

5. Short Term Scientific Missions

John Boardman explained that we now had the funds and that applications should be sent to him as soon as possible. They are vetted by sub-committee of Poesen, Torri and Kirkby as agreed previously.

6. Working Group Activities

WG1 Mike Kirby reported:

Papers from the Leuven meeting would be submitted to Hydrological Processes and those from the present meeting would go to Earth Surface Processes and Landforms; papers from last September's (Reading) meeting are heading for Agriculture, Ecology and Environment.

WG2 Jean Poesen reported:

Thirty papers from the Gully Symposium would appear in Catena and the abstracts from the meeting would be put on the COST webpage.

WG3 Seppo Rekolainen reported:

Today's WG meeting had dealt with the questionnaire on research; it was agreed that the ESSC data collection exercise on plot studies was not to be replicated; a report would be produced by early next year with publication to follow.

The WG is also to hold a Small Group Meeting in Oxford in September 2000 to consider future activities especially on historical erosion

Laszlo Szendrodi asked WG chairs to give him a copy of their reports for the minutes.

7. Future meetings

Mid-term self evaluation of COST Action 623, Helsinki, 2-3 February, Small Group Meeting

SGM in Strasbourg 9-10 February WG1 to prepare for September meeting

Snowmelt erosion, Oslo, WG2 and MC, 28-30 March, 2001

It was agree to link the COST website to the Snowmelt erosion website; MC meeting could be timetabled for evening of 28 March and morning of 31 March

Wind erosion, East Anglia, UK, WG2, 30 April-4 May 2001

Significance of soil surface characteristics in soil erosion, Strasbourg (WG1, WG2 and MC), 20-23 September 2001 (dates changed subsequent to Almeria meeting)

WG1 meeting, Utrecht - possibly November 2001 (Victor Jetten)
Anton Imeson suggested that more details were needed and a better location might be Spain (+MC). WG3 will also consider possibility of joining this meeting

Proposed but not yet agreed meetings

Influence of biomass management/organic matter on runoff, erosion and soil restoration; joint meeting with Reseau Erosion and ESSC (WG?), Montpellier, March 2002(?); Eric Roose and Adam Kertesz

Erosion and dispesive materials, Imeson et al September 2002, Almeria

Suggested meeting in Prague (WG3); Mike Kirkby suggested that all WGs might be included. No further details

Israel, 2002 dependent on Hebrew University joining COST

Phosphorous and erosion, WG1, Denmark 2002

Historical perspectives of soil erosion, Firenze, Italy, WG3 and WG1(?), suggested late 2002,
Torri, Rodolfi, Rombai and Calzolari

Validation of field and catchment scale erosion models for global change studies, Belfast, UK,
March-April 2003 (?), Dave Favis-Mortlock and Victor Jetten

Applicability of COST 623 results for end users, all WGs and MC, final conference, Budapest, Kertesz

8. AOB

WG3 (Jussi Baade and Sepo Rekolainen) tabled a request for a Subsidy in order to prepare a COST publication. Laszlo Szendrodi will send a model proposal to SR. The MC agreed to support the request.

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