ALMERIA 7-10 September 2000

COST623 WG1 and WG3 Meetings: Outline Programme

Thursday 7th September 2000

Morning and afternoon: Working Group 3 workshop to explore and revise the questionnaires on available datasets used for soil erosion studies. In addition, experts from European organisations will be asked to report on available data.

Evening: COST Management Committee meeting


Friday 8th September

Morning: Papers + posters.

Discussions on theme 1: Linking slope and channel processes
Afternoon: Papers + posters.

Discussions on themes

2: Linking slope and channel measurements - how direct and
indirect measurements can be made to quantify the fluxes of
sediment from the hillslope system; and

3: The rôle of the floodplain

Evening: WG1 business meeting


Saturday 9th September

Field day: With Dr Adrian Harvey, University of Liverpool, Dr Anne Mather, University of Plymouth
1. Linkages in first-order catchments: examples from the Cabo de Gata coastal fans
2. Linkages in more complex fluvial systems: the Rio Aguas
3. Tabernas badlands and erosion monitoring systems

Evening: COST business meeting


Sunday 10th September

Morning: Workshop to develop field themes
Keynote Speaker: Dr Mark Nearing (NSERL, Purdue University) "The Effect of Sediment Load on Rill Detachment and Deposition: The Transport-Detachment Coupling Relationship"

Afternoon: Papers and discussions on themes

4: Long time-scale perspectives; and

5: Modelling and parameter scaling


Contacts and Organisers:

Local arrangements: Juan Puigdefabregas, Estacion Experimental Zonas Aridas, CSIC, Calle Gen Segura 1, E-04001 Almeria, Spain.

WG1 programme (8-10th): John Wainwright, Department of Geography, King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS, UK. Tel: +44 020 7848 2487 Fax: +44 020 7848 2287.

COST WG1 co-ordinator: Véronique Auzet, CEREG, Université Louis Pasteur, CNRS-ENGEES, 3 Rue de L'Argonne, F-67083 Strasbourg, France.

WG3 Programme (7th) and COST co-ordinator: Seppo Rekolainen.

It will be possible to attend either one or both parts of the meeting. For pre-registration and further details please contact any of the above.

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