[May 2007] After a long pause, several updates. Thanks to Marc Van Liedekerke (JRC Ispra) for some new links.

[February 2005] More links and background material added. Also some redesigning of front page, including adding a scrolling 'news' panel. Many thanks to Till Franke (Potsdam University) for pointing out some broken links.

[January 2005] Many updates to the site, after a longish period of inactivity. An email address for contacting the site has (again) been set up.

[July 2004] The site has been moved to a new server. There were problems with the reliability of the previous one (see the usage logs). Many thanks to Andy Whalley for the new hosting!

[May 2004] The email address associated with this site has been disabled, due to spam.

[January 2002] The Soil Erosion Site is up and running! Many thanks to all those who have contributed, or agreed to contribute.